Gran, 81, who wed Egyptian Facebook toyboy lover, 36, blasts ‘gold digger’ claims


A British gran has slammed claims that her 36-year-old Egyptian lover could be a “gold digger” saying their love is the “real deal”.

Iris Jones, 81, from Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, met Mohamed Ahmed Ibriham on Facebook before the loved-up nan flew to his homeland where they got married in November.

Last year, the pensioner bragged about their wild sex life and revealed they had used “an entire tub of KY jelly” during her first night of passion with Mohammed.

She claimed they romped within hours of her arriving in Egypt for the first time.

Since their wedding they have spent weeks apart from each other as Mohammed, who is 45 years her junior, is stuck Egypt waiting for a visa so he can fly to the UK.

This week Iris took to Facebook to shoot down any comparisons of her relationship after the couple’s photo was used on a UK news site.

The story was about a heartbroken woman who had been fleeced by an Egyptian scammer published.

Iris said: “Mohamed is the most loving, genuine man on this planet.”

She continued: “I was already convinced of this BEFORE I met him and my judgement has been proved right a millionfold! (sic).

“I never ever doubted his intentions towards me. I am a very savvy female and can spot a scammer or a gold-digger a mile off.”

She ended: “Hands off my man and me.

“You will never destroy our love because our love surmounts ALL obstacles.”

But just a few weeks ago Iris confessed to feeling “skint and alone” after returning to the UK without Mohamed.

Her new husband is reportedly struggling to secure a spousal visa for the UK so Iris is unsure about when they will be reunited.

She previously told Metro that she is relying on Mohamed joining her in her bungalow as she won’t be returning to Egypt for the fourth time.

She admitted that the trips so far have been very expensive and that the environment in Egypt is ill-suited to her health.

She said that she’s been “at Mohamed” about insisting his law firm “hurry up with the visa” adding that she “doesn’t know what the delay is”.

Breaking down in tears, she said: “I get days when I’m alright and other days when I’m just crying all the time. I’m separated from someone I love, it’s so hard. I haven’t got time on my side, his lawyers know that.”

Iris said she’s been “suffering from headaches and stress” a she desperately waits fro her husband to join her in the UK.

She said: “I’m going to the doctor to get a letter saying I’ve got so many health issues I need my husband with me in Britain, hoping they’ll bend the rules a bit and let him come over and look after me.”

Following Iris’ KY Jelly revelation on an interview on This Morning her 53-year-old son Stephen Jone, told The Sun that the couple’s relationship had torn his family apart and swore he would never accept Mohamed as his stepdad.

But Iris says Stephen and her younger son Darren have now accepted her relationship.

She said: “My boys are now accepting of the fact that this is genuine. We genuinely love one another.”

The couple first started speaking last summer when Iris joined a Facebook group exploring atheism.

She flew out to Egypt in November and Mohamed reportedly gave up his job as a welding inspector to spend more time with Iris in Cairo.

He previously told the Daily Mail: “I was very nervous but the moment I laid eyes on her I knew that it was true love. I’m a very lucky man to have found a woman like this.”

Since returning to her home on December 11, Iris said she wants to sell her bungalow so she can relocate to Bristol or Birmingham with Mohammed when he gets his visa.

She added: “I have told Mohamed he has to come here to see me but if he is not granted a visa, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

“He wants to come over here to look after me. All I want is for us to be together.”